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In collaboration with Katherine Inez Mesa, MA CAP

DATE: April 29th - May 2nd

East Stroudsburg, PA

Image by Samara Doole

Waking the Warrior Within
4-day/3-night Retreat

April 29th - May 2nd
East Stroudsburg, PA

A space created to ignite the warrior within ones body, mind and spirit. Where we will be diving into the Elements: Air, Fire, Water & Earth, which is known as the foundation of all things.

The Old Ones say that our oldest ancestors, the ones that came first are Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. They are your Breath. Your Body. Your Spirit. Your Heart. Each element plays an integral part in your life, development, and interconnectedness with all things.

​What does the Retreat entail?

For four days, we will immerse within new and ancestral teachings. Learn to balance and develop your relationship with the potentials of each of these elements. How they uniquely move in you, through you, as you.

Learn how to connect with the elements through movement, breath-work, martial arts, nutrition, meditation, and shamanic practices. Bringing your conscious awareness to these elements will increase your self-awareness through intellectual, physical, and spiritual practices.

Expand your consciousness outward and increase in complexity inward.

Join us as we Retreat & Embody, In-To Our Inner Warrior

Image by Jonny McKenna

Together we will dive into a deeper understanding of...


Air is the unseen force that moves through and shapes all things. The great winds have shaped this Earth since the beginning. Carrying the fires, the seeds, the waters that renew, regenerate, and replenish the world. Air is the essence of relationship. It can only be witnessed by its relationship to other things. Breathing is our most vital function. Yet it is the only one we can control. For thousands of years mystics of all traditions expanded their consciousness through the use of the breath. With the breath we shape the world. Through our actions. Through our words. Through our relationships.


Water is the element we first knew. Steeped in the waters of the womb, we absorbed and were made by ancestral memory. As our bodies grew, those memories flooded our bodies and our senses. They came to shape us just as those of our blood shaped our world in our earliest days. Water is the element of memory. Of healing and cleansing when it flows. Of stagnating when it doesn’t. Water teaches us that we must flow in order to live.


Fire is the one that is hidden. The one that you must seek within yourself to find, and feed, and tend. Fire is the great transformer. And the oldest. Long before the fire that burns at the core of the Earth was ignited it burned in the stars. Your inner fire is the source of your passion and the embodiment of your purpose. It is the unique gift that came into the world with you. The one that only you can breathe life into, and tend, and grow. When tended properly this fire will bring light into the darkness through your words and your deeds. It will transform the world through your example and be a source of light, warmth, and life for those that surround you.


After the waters we came to know the Earth. The Earth is the great giver of Life. Activated and shaped by the winds. Nourished and cleansed by the waters. The Earth, teaches us through the cycles of birth, life, death, rebirth. Each of these essential stages in our existence. The Old Ones say that to grow we must die many deaths on the path of life. We must come to know that sacredness, and tenuousness, of life so that we may honor it in the world, in the Cosmos, in ourselves. The Earth teaches us about these cycles. 

Your Facilitators


Oscar C. Perez, PhD

is a ritual leader, spiritual teacher, and mentor. He was born and raised in the Chihuahuan Desert, on the U.S. – Mexico border.

At an early age, he was called to study the spiritual traditions of his ancestors. A calling which has guided him throughout his life. He teaches about the unifying aspects of shamanic traditions on the path of the Tolteca, the artist of life, or man or woman of knowledge.

His devotion to serving Spirit and dedication to being guided by his spiritual commitment to finding personal freedom has led him to study with teachers of various traditions throughout the world. 

He is the founder of Tending the Fires, a movement dedicated to helping individuals awaken their own medicine and bring it to the world to inspire and heal as a collective.



Kati Inez Mesa, MA CAP

is the Founder of Love, Awareness & Purpose Healing Arts. As a Holistic Health, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Empowerment & Transformational Speaker, Mentor & Coach. 

For 10+ years she has facilitated many gatherings throughout the US, Cuba, Peru & Colombia. Providing tools of empowerment, elemental body awareness, ancestral healing, inner child healing, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical healing and life purpose embodiment. 

Within the Waking the Warrior Within Retreat she will be bringing forth all of herself that has learned from her teachers within the Amazons, Cuba, Ancestral Roots, Tibetan Ayurveda, Buddhism, Shamanism, Holistic & Transpersonal Psychology.  

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