Reweaving Culture and Community

As weavers of this growing tapestry of culture, it is our responsibility and our calling to shift the direction from one of divisiveness to one of unity. One that honors and respects the unique gifts that we each bring, made more apparent and brilliant through our dedication to healing our own wounds for the good of the collective. For the good of the world that we will leave to those that come after us.

Join me, Liv Mokai Wheeler, Kontomble Voice Diviner and founder of and Earth's Amulet, the Kontomble Medicine School, and our dear friend Cliff Taylor, author and member of Ponca Tribe of Nebraska for this online ceremony. 

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Ceremony is Tuesday, November 19th, 7 - 10PM EST

Registration Closes November 18th

Honrando Huehueteotl / Honoring

Grandfather Fire

In the Toltec tradition, fire is called Huehueteotl, the old one. During the many births, deaths, and rebirths of the world, Huehueteotl was the only one among the gods that never died, but remained true and steady, reigniting the Sacred Fires that would restart the world.


In this virtual gathering we will learn about restoring our relationship to the oldest of our ancestors. We will learn about how feeding this ancient one feeds us. How through our neglect and refusal to acknowledge the spirit of fire we have created a society that burns us up from the inside, while we gluttonously devour everything we can on the outside, in an attempt to ease the spiritual starvation within. We will also learn how our own insatiability is directly related to the raging fires that tear through our cities, forests, and sacred spaces.

Details: Coming Soon

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