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We are energetic beings. In order for us to develop to our fullest potential, we have to cultivate the energy to create the experience we are having of the world we live in. However, many people live in a way that squanders the precious energy they have that would allow them to be active shapers of their lives. Through constant repetitious patterns, they block their ability to grow and make the necessary shifts that would reshape their lives by reshaping themselves.


In this four-week series, we will develop the key understanding of how to eliminate these unconscious patterns through cultivating impeccability. Beyond a system of morality, impeccability is a way of living that is essential to retaining and harvesting our energy so that it can be refocused into transforming outdated unconscious patterns that siphon our ability to actively create our lives and creating the lives we dream of. This series will help you become conscious of the way you leak energy through distractions and emotional attachments that do not serve you in order to redirect that energy in life-altering ways.


Spring 2021



The ancient toltecs, artists of life, understood that throughout our lives we go through experiences that trap parts of our awareness in repetitive patterns of belief and behavior that keep us reliving painful and frustrating experiences. Limiting our growth and stifling our capacity to embody the lives we are meant to live. These sessions go beyond meditation, into a technology for reclaiming parts of you that have been trapped in traumatic or painful experiences. Recapitulation will teach you how to regain your ability to be an active creator of your life experience by healing old wounds that keep you bound in cycles of limitation, fear, and suffering. Each session will focus on giving you the tools to heal wounded parts of yourself and reclaim the trapped energy that limits your personal growth and evolution. It will help you develop into unimaginable realms of creativity, joy, and abundance. Recapitulation is part meditation, part soul retrieval, part breathwork. It is a technology that, when applied diligently, will completely transform your life.


Starts July 29th

Stepping Through My Shadow

Stepping Through My Shadow is an 8-week journey into the depths of what makes you tick. While you may not know it (and many people don't), the majority of decisions you make in your life emerge from unknown parts of you, parts that have been trapped in repetitive cycles of wounding. This group is to help you shine the light on those hidden parts, to give you the tools and experiences to recognize when you are being triggered by unhealed wounds in you. So that you can heal. So that your unconscious actions don't continue to spread the sickness that afflicts our world. Until you have healed these things in you, you will continue to cycle through similar painful experiences. You will come to believe that those experiences are just how life is, and you will invite more of them into your life. That is not "just how life is." Your life is a field of endless possibilities. In order to shape it consciously, you must integrate your Shadow.


FALL 2020

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