• Oscar C. Pérez

A Vessel for Spirit (Stages of Development 3)

Xochiyaoyotl, the Flowering War, is the essence of the Toltec Path. It is through this process, that is an internal process, that we transform what is poison in us into medicine for ourselves and for the world. The completion of this process happens at the level of the Heart, Xochitl, but the next step to this is in the giving of that heart to the many manifestations of Spirit by giving it to the world.

The old stories tell that the teachings of Ce Acatl Topiltsin Quetzalcoatl, the last known emissary of the Toltec path in the 9th century CE, taught that the Flowering War was one of personal sacrifice, where the self as ego-centric-socially-constructed identity was sacrificed to the Self as clear manifestation of Spirit and vessel for the same. Through this process, what was not the highest manifestation of the self was transformed, becoming a pure and unique manifestation of Spirit as Self as self. In this sense, the sacrificed, illusory self, became a pure heart to be offered in gratitude to Spirit and the manifestation of Spirit to the world.

The teachings of Ce Acatl Topiltsin Quetzalcoatl coincided with the end of what is called the Classic Period of Mesoamerican civilizations. During this time there was a mass “disappearance” of peoples from the Tollán, the know called city-centers or archaeological sites of the ancient tolteca. This was a mass exodus of the most evolved teachers, sorcerers, and wisdomkeepers of the Toltec tradition of the time. To where, is another story. These were supplanted by people whose level of development had not grown beyond the materialist understanding of the world, and thus the teachings of spiritual transformation and sacrifice became corrupted into the cults of human sacrifice.

It is important at this point to make this aside because the teachings of all spiritual traditions that have grown to prominence in the world have undergone the same forms of corruption based on purely materialist understandings of existence. Over and over again what determines the outcome of the path of the spiritual warrior and their impact on the world is one fundamental question: is what is gained for service or for power?

The answer to this question has to do with impeccability. The impeccable warrior understands that all actions have their requisite reaction. This is not about morality; it is about energy. The impeccable warrior acts impeccably knowing that each action determines a cascade of reactions that impact the multiple dimensions of existence.

Every action has a trajectory. To act in service is to be at the point in the polarity of things that understands that there is no lack or limit to the creative capacity of Spirit. Its capacity to keep growing, evolving, creating is unlimited. Acts of service are acknowledgements of our own ability to be life-giving forces in the world. Through these acts of service, we are giving freely of what has given life to us, so that that life can continue to cycle throughout the Cosmos. It is honoring all that has come before us in order to breathe life into all that will come after us. This must be done without attachment in order for the act of service to be true. What we are accountable to through these acts is the unique manifestation of Spirit in ourselves. Because of this, our actions cannot be done with covert motivations, no matter how subtle or unconscious, as we cannot hide from what is at the deepest center of our hearts. To live this way is live with impeccability.

Now, it must be understood that there is a difference between acts of service and acts of servitude. The spiritual warrior knows well that an act of service done for the sake of social approval on any level becomes an act of servitude. This undermines their sovereignty as a spiritual being and, ultimately, remits the spiritual warrior back into the space of spiritual enslavement. The spiritual warrior knows to receive in equal measure to the energy they give. Maintaining the fine line of balance between the polarities that govern the world. Within this path there is no room for greed or self-indulgent humility. This is not about appeasing others’ notions of service. It is not about appease others’ notions.

The spiritual warrior understands that their expression in the world transcends any of the human endeavors or expectations. These are agreements made directly with the divine. Directly with Spirit. And Spirit does not wear a human face, much less is it governed by human constructs or dictums. The spiritual warrior is living solely to maintain their agreements with the infinite. As such, all human ideas will be transcended on the path.

When the spiritual warrior understands what it means to give from this place of the unfettered and clear heart, the spiritual warrior is compelled to bring their gifts into the world. There are billions of possibilities for how these gifts manifest, each unique to each individual person. What matters is how this gift is given and that it is given. With this process the spiritual warrior becomes a clear vessel for the flowing essence of the Cosmos, for the designs of Spirit.

At this point, the spiritual warrior has reached a true place of power, Topilli, the fifth stage of development. Topilli means scepter. It is a place of power because the at this point the spiritual warrior has achieved spiritual sovereignty. Not depending on the expectations or acceptance of others, the spiritual warrior is now free to have a direct relationship with Spirit through an uninterrupted flow of giving and receiving, of being a unique vessel for the messages and designs of Spirit. At this point, the spiritual warrior has not only learned their life purpose, they are exercising it wholeheartedly in the world.

This is the way.

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