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Being a Seer (Stages of Development 4)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Seeing is a challenging gift to live with.

To be a seer in this world means that much of what you see will have to be kept to yourself. As the spiritual warrior grows through the many stages of development, many of the illusions that bind the rest of the world become evident. More than evident, they become tangible in the sense that the seer sees what others are unwilling or unable to. Making seeing an increasingly solitary proposition.

The human world is governed by many forces that weave together the expectations and structures that dictate the emotional responses and actions of the masses. For the most part, these forces keep people trapped in the first two stages of development: those of the scorpion and the nest. In order to exist in the social world, people are bound to group mentalities that are constantly shifting their outward expression while maintaining the consciousness of the many bound to certain types of emotional enslavement.

These types of emotional enslavement alternately promise that a person can get what they want if they conform to the group identities provided by an overarching social structure that repeatedly offers acceptance or approval in exchange for the person’s vital essence. In accepting this agreement, a person allows their potential for growth to be syphoned away. Costing them the most precious things they will ever have. The only things they will ever have, their energy and their time. But the recompense is always just outside of the person’s reach. Because acceptance and approval can only come from within. Never from the outside structures of society. Never from the acceptance of the masses.

The seer knows this because they can actively see how the vital essence that is the most sacred aspect of being alive is drained away. Reshaped in a myriad of ways in the grasping need for external approval.

The structures that dictate the ebbs and flows of social movements are embedded with the many parasitic entry points that, like a thousand barbed mouths, drain the sacred life force from human beings. These entry points latch onto the open wounds in the energetic body of a human being. Those wounds that were incurred at birth, and developed throughout the indoctrination of a child into a system that is fundamentally predatory and parasitic. Those wounds that make of a person a desperate seeker for something of substance and meaning outside of the self.

There are practical ways that these things take shape. A predetermined, well structured life that follows a stepwise itinerary of normalcy. The desire to amass material wealth or social status. For the sake of being good enough to be shown love by one person or by many. The desire to partner with somebody that reflects back to the self a sense of acceptance and understanding. The desperation to achieve these things is at the heart of the modern net of consciousness that is social media. Like a net cast into a vast sea of desperation for acknowledgement, this social institution snares the energies and best intentions of many and makes them peddle their wares in the hopes of being seen, of being accepted.

The seer sees this. Sees the grasping energies behind the ways that others represent themselves. The ways they shape and reshape themselves in the images of others that they perceive as more worthy of the love they wish they themselves had. The ways that well-intentioned people accept the catch phrases and ideologies that claim to offer an avenue to a new, more inclusive and loving world. The ways that these same people sacrifice their lives and their integrity to be servants of this idea of a new, more inclusive and loving world. Not realizing it is a world carefully constructed by the illusions that maintain the status quo. Carefully constructed to redirect energy and attention from the growth and development of the self and thereby bring the vital essence of the self once again into the same system that siphons and devours it.

The seer sees that the collective structures of human consciousness are, and have been, hijacked by unseen forces that manipulate the masses of people like puppets. Always promising to support and love them, while devouring them in subtle to not-so-subtle ways day in, day out.

To reach the place of seeing, the sixth energetic center, the seer has had to free themselves from the many layers of this type of conditioning and thinking. Has had to free himself from the aspirations that keep all those bound in a matrix of illusions. Has had to free herself from the entry points through which this system takes hold, by healing those same wounds that were incurred at birth and development in the early years of life. Has had to come to a place where the only voice that speaks truth is the one that emanates from the heart.

The seer lives from the heart and it is here where the great challenge lies. In realizing that he cannot help but love all of the immensely beautiful and intricate manifestations of Spirit, while realizing that he cannot help those that are ensnared in the painful repetitive patterns that devour them and others day by day.

The seer sees the great many luminous fibers that weave the world into being, and so he can see the underlying motivations and fears that drive the many erring ways of the fumbling masses. But he can no longer un-see them in order to have the illusion of being free of his solitude. And yet he learns that those still bound in this constructed web of parasitic consciousness are, for the most part, unwilling to do the work necessary to free themselves of it.

So again, a choice presents itself. It is the choice of deciding to which degree the seer will engage with that world of fumbling humanity. The choice of deciding whether or not to engage at all.

Of all the levels of consciousness that still maintain some grounding in this world, this is perhaps the most difficult. Because to see the world clearly is to live with a perpetually broken heart. Many people these days wish to be seers, or to be perceived as such, but few have any idea of the weight of what this means. And yet, it is an act of love to see this world with clarity, because while it brings the seer so far from the entanglements of the human world, it also brings her close to the heart of divinity. It allows her to see the great potentials and acts of immense beauty that are the elevated manifestations of Spirit. It gives her the clarity to see those few acts and individuals that are truly emissaries for the will of Spirit unfolding.

And so, it is both rapture and heart-wrenching sorrow. At these higher points of elevation, the polarities that define the infinite relationships between all manifest things blur more and more. Into one vast stream of the unfolding of Spirit. Here grief and gratitude walk with hands joined in a sacred dance that stretches the seer’s heart near the point of bursting. And the seer can witness when the slumbering folly of the masses finds its fumbling way to the most awe-inspiring acts of beauty.

This place of seeing is centered at the third eye, it is called Chalchuihuitl, Jade or Xiuhuitl, Precious Stone. It is a place far removed from the comings and goings of the vast majority of humanity, who are for the most part bound in the intrigues and insecurities of the first two centers of development.

To be a seer is no easy thing.

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