• Oscar C. Pérez

Journey to the Heart (Stages of Development 2)

The distance from the place you become aware of yourself to your heart can be an immense journey.

When you first become self-aware, you realize that you are more than what any group you belong to wants you to be. You realize that your hopes, aspirations, dreams, and desires go beyond those that a group identity can ever fulfill. If you have the adequate amount of energy, or personal power, you will have the courage to consider who you are independent of any group you belong to.

Often, as we grow, we go through the stage where we believe we are only worthwhile beings if we are accepted by certain social groups. In order to gain this acceptance, we bend over backwards to fit into the conventions of the group. This includes groups whose convention is to be unconventional. We all know people like this, people whose opinions, attitudes, and actions are defined by the group they want to belong to. Instead of using their abilities of critical thinking and discernment, these people simply go along with what their group says they should. Like I said in the last post, these people are stuck in the second stage of development, Ihuitl.

But when a person has gathered enough energy to transcend Ihuitl, they start to consider who they might be independent of the group they belong to. They start questioning the group beliefs and behaviors. Beyond that, they start considering what their own unique beliefs might be. At this point, the person starts the process of becoming self-aware. This self-awareness is a major step in the evolution of consciousness.

Awareness of the self as an entity that is independent of a group and its limitations leads a person to start looking for their sense of purpose within themselves. This inward turning gaze shapes the future possibilities and potentials of the person, as they claim their independence from the external programming that was initially implanted in their unconscious during the first years of life. It is also the beginning of the path of the spiritual warrior, a path that will lead from the imprisonment of the collective programming of society to the realization of the self as a manifestation of Sacred consciousness.

This is the third stage of development, called Pantli, or Flag. Pantli is the beginning of personal sovereignty, as the person begins to conceptualize that they can be a sovereign being, independent of the demands, desires, and expectations of others. This is the point where the seeker starts seeking, knowing that all pre-existing conventional structures don’t satisfy the deeper hunger that has now become evident.

At this place, the seeker also begins seeing others as potentially sovereign beings. They cease to be amorphous members of abstract groups. In this way, love starts to take shape for the uniqueness of self and the uniqueness of others. No longer attached to, or determined by, group identities, the seeker can begin appreciating the subtle nuances that make the self and other individuals with unique characteristics that are worthy of appreciation for their uniqueness. Some people spend their entire lives in this place, especially if they continue to seek outside of themselves.

Those who gather enough energy, enough personal power, find their way to the inward path. The teachers and signposts of this path are put in their awareness by the designs of power. This is where the seeker can take up the Flowering War, Xochiyaoyotl, and become a spiritual warrior. The Flowering War is the deep inward journey where the spiritual warrior must come face to face with their deepest fears and most painful wounds, those that they carry inside. This is a no end path. One that the spiritual warrior will be on for the rest of their life. For the spiritual warrior, the Flowering War is the only path with heart. As such, it is the only path to the heart.

The Flowering War is the transformation of one’s wounds and deepest fears through the healing and integration of the Shadow self. This is the cleansing of Tezcatlipoca, the Obsidian Smoking Mirror. The spiritual warrior learns that what is wounded in the self is a reflection of what is wounded in the world. By healing the self, the world heals. The wounds become flowers. The poison that devastated the heart and devoured the spirit becomes medicine to be shared with the world. The sharing of this medicine, which is a unique manifestation of the spiritual warrior, becomes the spiritual warrior’s greatest gift to the world, to Life.

For the spiritual warrior, this is the only path. The path of the heart. This is the place called Xochitl, Flower. It is the fourth stage of development, the fourth energetic center. Those that have reached it live fully from the heart and have realized their unique purpose in the world.

One that has reached this place has accomplished an immense feat, a feat worthy of a lifetime. This one has learned the true essence of Love. Love with a capital “L.” This is love that is free of attachments or expectations. Truly selfless. Love that is given out of an immense appreciation for the essence of Life, for the Spirit That Moves Through All Things. The one of many names. The one that cannot be named.

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