• Oscar C. Pérez

Shaping the World

Look at the world around you.

Not figuratively. Literally. Look at the world around you. What is the quality of light like in the space where you are sitting? Right now. Look up from the screen and take it in. You know, I’ve traveled to many different parts of the Earth. In each place, I have found that there are subtleties in the light that make each place, and each moment, unique.

If you stop to notice, the light in the room you are in right this moment will be different the next time you become aware of it. And the next. And the next.

Now, what does the air in the room feel like right now? Is it warm? Cool? Is there any hint of a breeze or any subtle stirring of the air? What type of caress does the air bring to your skin? Is it gentle? Subtle? How does the outer layer of your skin feel in response to the air’s gentle touch?

Where I sit, the light is soft and cool. It leans towards a whitish tone that drapes itself across the cool Spanish tiles, and the purplish-green leaves of the Wandering Jew (who the F names these plants?) in the corner. It’s an unobtrusive light. The kind that excuses itself so as not to disturb as it tumbles through the window and drapes itself across the room.

Outside there is a consistent chittering of tiny sparrow-like birds. Maybe they are sparrows. And a more pronounced song that sound like the whistling, warbling, whistling of an American Robin, though I’m a continent and an ocean away.

What sounds do you hear? How many layers of sound do you hear?

There are many paths that can help you find your way back to now. Now is the moment that you are alive. The moment where the greatest gifts are available for you. And the greatest guidance.

It seems that in a flash the world inverted on its axis and now what was once a predominantly outside world has been forced inward. There are many possibilities that arise out of a time like this. But they are possibilities that can only be witnessed and taken advantage of if we stop to recognize the moment we are in.

The world is always being woven together. It is woven together by the stories that are carried by you. By the world. One cannot weave the world together without the other. One cannot exist without the presence of the other.

So, neither is insignificant.

This world is woven together by an infinite network of luminous fibers. Filaments of light. Frequencies that layer, one upon the other upon the other, like the many skins of an onion. And these light filaments are like the striations that you see on the onion itself.

What pulls these filaments together and binds them into increasing levels of order and complexity is your awareness. Your intent. And the intent and awareness of the collective. This is what you become aware of at the most basic levels of your awareness. Those that you don’t think about.

Those that you are just programmed to see day in, day out.

Intent and awareness are catalyzed by breath, by story.

The stories that you tell, to yourself and others, strum the filaments of light and send reverberations out into infinity. When others hear these stories and agree to them, their own filaments of light are bundled together with yours. The more people that agree to the story, the thicker the bundle of light filaments becomes. The thicker the bundle of light filaments becomes, the more the story appears to take shape as a concrete reality.

The most agreed upon stories are the ones that shape the world. This is not a figurative statement.

This is literal. Inasmuch as anything can be.

To realize the extent of your sovereignty as a bearer of consciousness, you have to first step outside of the stories of the collective. You have to take yourself out of the realm of the collective story and into the realm of presence. The realm where you can perceive, and be perceived by, the luminous fibers that create you and everything around you.

You cannot do this while remaining in the realm of story. Because, you see, to be in the realm of story you have to expend your energy creating the context in which that story makes sense. You have to create the set and setting for the story to take place, just like watching a play or a movie depends on the set that has to exist prior to the story to take place.

In order to witness a story, any story, you first have to conjure up the world in which the story takes place. And in doing so, you are projecting your consciousness out of the moment, out of the now, and into the realm of a projected past. When you are in the past to create a setting for a present story to unfold your energy is being used up in the strain of weaving the present world together with the threads of past experience. So the present is pushed out of your awareness.

And the luminous fibers of now become imperceptible. It’s like trying to look through a window that you have painted a landscape over. All you see are the layers of paint that have been put there, showing you what you expected to see.

To perceive the luminous fibers that shape reality you have to step outside the realm of the story.

Yours. Theirs. Ours.

You have to come into what is. Now.

This is a great lesson that we can all reap at this time. What we are experiencing is very different that the story we are told of what is and what will be. The awareness of this is the key to our power. It is the key to our sovereignty.

Right now, this moment, is where you awaken. If you pull yourself out of the story. Your story. Their story. Our story. Any story. And bring your awareness to what is. The light. The sounds. The sensations. The breath that is present in your chest.

Right now. Having these things. You have all that you need. Or ever have. Or ever will.

And the Great Dance goes on, as it always has.

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