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Toltec Stages of Development

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

You are the vessel through which consciousness evolves. You are also the consciousness that is evolving in the vessel, as the vessel.

However, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there? This is one of the biggest challenges that face humans in modern times. As forms of evolving consciousness, most people have no idea what consciousness is to begin with, let alone the fact that they are it. Much less that it, and they, can evolve through conscious awareness.

We are pure energy. Pure consciousness. But as consciousness we need to disentangle ourselves from the many, many, limiting factors that we have accepted on conscious and unconscious levels that keep us stuck and repeating patterns of fear. These factors are the perceptions we have of our world. What is possible in it. What its relationship is to us. And what is possible through us. In the way of the toltecs, the discovery and development of these possibilities is the sole purpose for our lives. So, they provided a roadmap long ago.

The toltecs perceived, through their direct experience, that we are all fractals within an ever-expanding network of fractals. The same aspects that govern our lives, then, govern the larger social organizations around us, govern the systems that shape the Earth, govern the solar system, galaxy, universe, etc. Through our direct experience of what exists within us, and our direct experience of the natural world that births and sustains us, we can begin seeing these many repeated layers of growth and development. However, we are only capable of seeing the things in the world that reflect our own level of development. Without personal experience and dedication to the development of our consciousness, we will only ever perceive the world to the degree that those around us have developed.

The Nahuatl-speaking tolteca called these stages of development Tzitzimitl, or Totonalcayos. Among the Maya tolteca they are referred to as Kuekueyos. Each of these stages of development has an energetic center that is associated with it in the energy body. These are perceived as rotating wheels of energy in the body, in the ancient Toltec writings they were depicted as suns. Each is nourished or depleted in a certain way. When one is nourished, it fills with energy and allows the level of consciousness to grow until it reaches the next stage. When it is depleted, the overall system of the person is depleted, leaving the person weak and vulnerable to disease or attack.

In order from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, these Tzitzimitl are called Colotl (Scorpion), Ihuitl (Feather/Nest), Pantli (Flag), Xochitl (Flower), Topilli (Scepter), Chalchihuitl (Jade), and Tecpatl (Obsidian Blade). The modern world we live in is largely stuck somewhere between the first two stages of development, Colotl and Ihuitl.

At the lower stage, Colotl, consciousness is solely preoccupied with survival and reproduction. This stage of development is a place where people have the external characteristics of scorpions. They are charged with venom because they are anticipating an attack at any moment. In this place, which is both individual and very much represented in the collective, the main concerns that people have can be defined by the four F’s: Fight, Flight, Feed, and Fuck. Yup, fuck. This is where sex is solely a mechanical thing, done for the validation of the ego, whether it produces children or not. At the same time, people in this stage of development will expend a great deal of effort obtaining and keeping financial and material possessions in the misguided belief that possession of anything equals security. In this stage, people are little more than automatons that can be easily manipulated by anyone or anything that promises them possibilities for acquiring more stuff and getting laid. Their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are therefore consumed with these things. This is energetically located at the base of the spine and is associated with the sex organs.

The second stage, Ihuitl, is where group consciousness starts. It is energetically located a few inches below the belly button. At this stage of development, people learn to identify with the group thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors of others. In this stage of development, people will seek to embody the characteristics of the group they want to belong to in order to be accepted. Most people never leave this stage entirely. While some will venture beyond it in some aspects of their lives, very few ever grow completely beyond it. If you look at mainstream people nowadays, it doesn’t matter what political, social, spiritual affiliation they ascribe to, the majority will just repeat the conventions of their group without diving more deeply into understanding what those conventions cost them. Which, ultimately, is their freedom, energetic potential, and sovereignty. These people will accept group identities and conventions with the expectation of being accepted by that group in turn. There’s nothing “woke” about this. It demonstrates that this person has unresolved issues of self-worth and is dependent on external validation. Which, essentially, makes them a slave to the opinions and conventions of others.

Like I said up there somewhere, the majority of people in the modern world have not developed beyond these two stages. This is a dangerous place to be for the world, because people at Ihuitl will find reasons to claim the exceptionalism of their group by criticizing or attacking others, then the activation of Colotl leads these same people to attack, defend, counterattack, defend, counterattack each other into all sorts of physical and social violence. A person that hasn’t evolved beyond these two stages will attack someone they believe to be of a different group with the full social support and endorsement of their group. Which then reinforces their membership to their own group. This is how, if we don’t change now, we as a species will burn the world to the ground.

But that change can only come when we evolve beyond these two stages and start thinking for ourselves. But that, my friends, is for another post.

In the meantime, if you want a glimpse of what the other five stages are go to our Instagram page and scroll through the Stages of Development teachings of the last couple of weeks.

Until next time.

No seas pendejx.


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