Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror, is a foundational concept to the spiritual understanding of the modern and ancient Toltecs. The Smoking Mirror is the lens through which we experience the world. It is the essence of the world, through which we are reflected to ourselves. By understanding the different aspects of the Smoking Mirror we get a deeper understanding of who we are through the relationships we have with the world. This is the basis of what is called "Shadow work" in modern psychology. When you learn to see your reflections through the teachings of the Smoking Mirror, you can use them to heal unconscious wounds that negatively impact your life and your relationships.


This is the guidebook to our Spiritual Foundations of the Toltec Path: The Smoking Mirror module. Which is a 5-week course on Tezcatlipoca: The Smoking Mirror. This guidebook will give you the basic concepts behind working with the Smoking Mirror, as well as some practical exercises to help you apply these concepts to improve your life and relationships.


For more info on the 5-week course, click here.

Smoking Mirror Guidebook

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