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What is Tending the Fires?

Tending the Fires is an organization dedicated to teaching people about the spiritual and physical wisdom passed to us through the oral and written texts of ancient and modern Toltecs. We say ancient and modern because, while the time of the ancient Toltec societies has passed, there are many who continue the application of these teachings to improve their lives. These are timeless teachings whose wisdom informs our lives and grows our abilities and potential as conscious beings. An essential aspect of the Toltecayotl, the Toltec Path, is that it is a living tradition, which means it continues to grow and evolve as long as there are those willing to take up the spiritual warrior path.



What is the Toltecayotl?


Toltecayotl is a term in Nahuatl that encompasses the way of life of the Toltec. It is a living tradition with teachings stretching back before the time of the Olmecas, the first keepers of measurement of Anahuac, what is now North and Central America. The teachings of the Toltecayotl span the entirety of a person’s life. They are spiritual technologies and concepts that help the person on the spiritual warrior’s path naturally develop their intuitive gifts. The path is rigorous and it requires discipline, but the shifts in perception and understanding of the world are life-changing. You will learn physical techniques such as breathwork (Ehecapahtlini), meditation (Tlateomaniliztli), as well as techniques for expanding your physical and sensorimotor skills. All of this is taught through a combination of storytelling, psychology, and embodiment practices. The purpose is to give you tangible tools to apply to your day-to-day life, along with the stories that help put certain experiences and events in context. The Toltecayotl provides you a holistic vision of the world and your place in it, so that you can bring your unique gifts to the world for the betterment of all.



How can this help me?


The Ehecapahtlini (wind medicines) are breathwork exercises that enhance your energy, give you a sense of vitality, and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing. They are often used together with Tlateomaniliztli (meditations) that are specifically focused in increasing your awareness.



Is this about religion?


The Toltecayotl is not a religion. It is more of a technology for living. The teachings of the ancient and modern Toltecs are applicable practices and strategies that help you develop your conscious awareness. All of the teachings are focused on giving you tangible practices so that you can have direct experiences that positively impact your life.


How can this benefit my community?

The practices that you will learn in the Toltecayotl will change your awareness. 


Can I teach what I learn?

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