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Stepping Through My Shadow

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You are an essential part of all things. Like a drop of water in the ocean, you are at once the drop and the ocean itself. Because of this, what exists inside of you also contributes to what manifests in the collective. In the world. The unconscious resentments, fears, and judgments that you carry are the underlying motivations for most of your actions.

Each of us has a shadow side. Your Shadow is the part of you that is unseen, the part that is made up of every aspect of you that has been rejected, criticized, unacknowledged. The part that has been wounded. When you have not integrated this part of you, it rules all of your actions.  

Your Shadow is always trying to call your attention to itself. To the parts of you that are wounded. These wounded parts of you manifest in your relationships. Maybe you've had the experience of dating one person after another only to end up having the same problems, the same frustrations and painful experiences as the last time. Maybe there is something that you know you are here to do but you keep holding yourself back for fear of being criticized. Maybe you've had some success in your life but none of it satisfies you. Maybe you keep moving from being angry to being afraid to being angry at others, the world, or yourself.

These are all manifestations of your Shadow. They are ways that your deepest wounds are making themselves known to you through the mirror of the world.

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