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Oscar has the unique ability to connect with students, teachers, staff, and administration.  His background as an educator at the university and high school levels combined with his work mentoring young people from a variety of backgrounds allow Oscar to develop and provide programs from the student level, to the staff level, to the institution level.  Oscar's specialization in using physical movement and connections to the outdoors as tools of development for students, and professional development for staff, make him an essential presenter and trainer for all school and agency environments - whether it be student mentoring, student workshops, assembly presentations, or staff professional development.

- RJ Guess, CEO of John Muir Charter Schools

    I've been working with Oscar for a year now. Oscar is a paragon at what he does and there's nothing I can't take to him because he's studied masculinity from just about every facet. At the start of our working relationship, he helped me through the basic stuff that goes with any breakup of five years: what I did wrong, why I did what I did wrong and how to put myself back together. He's showed me the basic tenets of masculinity and how to use them to become a good man, and how to be good at being a man. 

   Oscar won't tell you he has all the tools you'll need to become the best version of yourself. However, once you're working with him, you'll notice that he's never once told you "no," only "how." Oscar will get you there. I'd stake everything on it.

- Emery Blem

When I first spoke with Oscar, it was if I was conversing with a long lost friend. He had such compassion and empathy for the emotional hell I was experiencing, and I immediately knew that I had contacted the right person to guide me through this tumultuous period of my life. Along with his genuine care for me as a human being, as a fellow academic, I was incredibly impressed by his training and expertise in his chosen field. It is obvious that Oscar has been called to do this much needed work, and I am personally forever grateful that he chose to heed that call.

- Dr. Justin Bradford-Bennett, Founder and CEO, Utopia Education

Oscar Perez visited Mount Madonna School to help prepare our students for their participation in a regional Middle School Diversity Conference. Oscar’s facilitation was intended to assess and help expand our students’ awareness around many areas of diversity, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, socio-economic status and age. He did a masterful job in creating an atmosphere that was at once emotionally safe as well as challenging and stimulating in the most productive ways: prompting the students to tap their own wisdom and to expose their own questions or limitations. Oscar’s sensitivity to meeting students where they are, combined with his obvious depth of prior knowledge in this domain, informed the adept choice of materials and processes as he led us through the afternoon’s activities. When he left, the students expressed admiration for Oscar’s facilitation, as well as confidence that they were well prepared to move on to the next phase of the Diversity Conference.

- Bob Caplan, Dean of Students, Mount Madonna School

Oscar spoke at a Sierra Region Learning Community, sharing the power of ritual to heal various forms of trauma.  Participants evaluated his presentation very highly, and asked for him to return to provide additional, deeper information.  Oscar uses real world examples that include a focus on cultural competency.  We hope to have him back at a future Learning Community event!  

- Barbara DeGraaf, Strategies 2.0

My work with Oscar, during and after a period of my life where everything I held dear to me-- burned to the ground-- was not only life affirming, but a great reset and reminder of the Divine Power of the Elements. 

Oscar is intense in his presence, acute in his empathy, formidable in his power, and generous in his kindness.To borrow a quote fro Douglas V. Stere: 

"To listen to another soul to a place of discovery and disclosure may be the greatest gift one human being can give another." 

I met Oscar in an 8 week writing workshop he facilitated in 2015 called "Wise Words; Healing Through the Holidays." Wise indeed. From this I learned to be one who practices grief; transforming loss, sadness, and sorrows to beauty, love, joy, and the honor of any significant missing piece. In my case, my beloved soulmate of 20 years had died. Working with Oscar after the workshop catalyzed in me a life-turning event. I went from being a seeker of three and a half decades to being a finder.  It is from this place that I step into developing my gifts and bringing them to the world. I respect and trust Oscar and his wisdom. I believe every and any man can benefit greatly from his committed service supporting men. Oscar is a powerful ally on the road to becoming a healthy, empowered man.

- John R. Davidson

Oscar's gift for the art of alchemy helped me bring together disparate parts of myself. A major step on a path to wholeness. He blends physical work with the spiritual so my life is feeling more balanced. He artfully distills stories down to their heart of truth. He's gifted with insightful wisdom.

The lessons that Oscar taught and the ideas he has shared with me have had a drastic impact on my life, and my well-being. I have never known such a knowledgeable patient teacher, who always has something positive to say, and words of wisdom to share. I cannot recommend him enough. The lessons I have learned from Oscar are things that I think about every day and the insights gained from my time with him have changed the way I look at myself and the world around me. Thank you Oscar.

- Dr. George E. Aninwene III

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