Helping Young Men Grow Into Inspired Leaders

Young men face unique challenges these days. From technology addictions, to bullying, to facing the anxieties of climate change and global instability, our teens and young men are challenged to develop their sense of identity and contribution to the world amidst many obstacles. Voces de Futuros Líderes is focused on helping teens and young men develop self-efficacy, confidence, leadership and conflict resolution skills, in order to contribute to healthy communities. 

Voces de Futuros Líderes is about giving voice to the young men of our communities. We focus on helping young men develop their public speaking skills through writing, spoken word, and music. 

By helping our young men develop their voices we acknowledge the importance of their presence in our communities. We help them connect with older mentors while giving them the skills to be positive mentors and role models to those that come after them. In this way we inspire male inclusion, involvement, and leadership that will benefit all of our communities.

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