Throughout your life you have been conditioned to believe that you are much less than you really are. Your thoughts, choices, and actions have been influenced by unconscious programs that have been implanted in you by the people and institutions that shape society. But you are much, much more than what they would have you believe. Learn how to free yourself from these unconscious patterns that limit your potential.

"The lessons that Oscar taught and the ideas he has shared with me have had a drastic impact on my life, and my well-being." 



The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships. Learn how to heal wounded relationships, create deep and lasting connections. Learn how to create the most supportive, loving romantic relationship. Gather your power and claim your sovereignty. Release past traumas and heal ancestral wounds. You will learn the tools you need to reshape yourself and your life into one that exceeds your wildest dreams. Through these teachings you will fulfill your life's purpose.

"He did a masterful job in creating an atmosphere that was at once emotionally safe as well as challenging and stimulating in the most productive ways: prompting the students to tap their own wisdom and to expose their own questions or limitations."



Transform the world you live in. A principle teaching of the Toltec Path is that the world you live in is made up of intent. Learn to harness intent and use it to reshape your world, so that what you seek begins seeking you. As you grow in this way of being you will see the world around you transform. Your relationships, surroundings, and opportunities will become aligned with your highest intent so you can live your life to the fullest extent.

"He had such compassion and empathy for the emotional hell I was experiencing, and I immediately knew that I had contacted the right person to guide me through this tumultuous period of my life. It is obvious that Oscar has been called to do this much needed work, and I am personally forever grateful that he chose to heed that call."



Mentoring works as a co-creative process that guides you to a deeper awareness of yourself, and all of the seen and unseen aspects of your life. We cultivate your awareness through tangible, practical tools that, when applied diligently, will help you release unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in different areas of your life. Through our sessions you will learn how to track these unconscious patterns to heal them at their source. Then you will use the energy you gain to connect with your unique life purpose and bring it into the world. This is warrior work. It is not for those that expect instant gratification or that are not absolutely committed to transforming themselves and their lives at all costs.

"The spirit manifests itself to the warrior at every turn. However, this is not the entire truth. The entire truth is that the spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency, but only warriors are consistently attuned to such revelations."



Spiritual mentoring is a journey that is undertaken by both the mentor and the mentee. As such, it is important that we have a strong understanding of who is asking to undertake this journey. Oftentimes, people will approach this type of work with the expectation of what it will be and how it will serve them, without the full awareness of the level of commitment and self-discipline that is necessary to bring our collective efforts to fruition. Our application process helps us get to know you better, and to see if we are a good energetic match to undertake this journey of transformation together. If you are committed to making this journey and seeing yourself and your life transform completely, use the contact form below to send us your name, email, and a brief statement of interest to receive a mentoring application packet.



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*Payment options including sliding scale are available on an individual basis, mention in your message if you want more info on sliding scale payment

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"Something must be sacrificed for something else to grow. It will either be your comfort or your life's purpose. When you honor yourself by choosing your soul's unique path, you awaken to a world you never knew existed. This is the path of the spiritual warrior."