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One-on-One Spiritual Guidance

"The lessons that Oscar taught and the ideas he has shared with me have had a drastic impact on my life, and my well-being." 


Image by Lili Kovac

Sometimes life just doesn't go according to plan...

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, life takes everything that you had thought it would be and brings it shattering down. Maybe it's the end of a relationship or the end of a career. Maybe it's news that someone you care about is ill. Maybe it's a persistent, underlying feeling that there is something that is just not right in your life. Whatever it is, moments of transition have the potential to be powerfully life-affirming and life-transforming events. 

"He did a masterful job in creating an atmosphere that was at once emotionally safe as well as challenging and stimulating in the most productive ways: prompting the students to tap their own wisdom and to expose their own questions or limitations."


Image by Thibaut Marquis

We all need guidance when we step into the Unknown... 

Major life transitions are challenging times of great uncertainty. Times where none of what you have known before seems to help. These are moments when you are given a divine opportunity to reconnect with your true essence. When things fall apart you are given the opportunity to dive deep into the realms of the soul. This is a journey that requires the assistance of a trustworthy guide. Someone that has been through it and helped countless people through similar experiences.

"He had such compassion and empathy for the emotional hell I was experiencing, and I immediately knew that I had contacted the right person to guide me through this tumultuous period of my life. It is obvious that Oscar has been called to do this much needed work, and I am personally forever grateful that he chose to heed that call."


Hiking Boots

Our sessions will be a journey to find the medicine in you...

At a deep, soul-level, you know what you need to move through this transition in your life. Our work together is a collaborative process of helping you clear out the things that get in your way. Through guided conversations, breathwork, shamanic journeying, and various other practices, we will help you uncover the tools and the strength to make it through this transition, to turn your wounds into medicine, and to step onto the path your soul has laid out before you in the best possible way.

"The spirit manifests itself to the warrior at every turn. However, this is not the entire truth. The entire truth is that the spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency, but only warriors are consistently attuned to such revelations."


Initiatory Session - ***Required for New Clients

This is an initial 90-minute session where we dive into the challenges that you are currently facing and explore what has led up to this point of transition and transformation in your life. During this session we will help connect you with spiritual resources you may not know you already have, get to the root of the transition, and I will give you tools to help you find your way through your immediate challenges.We also establish a long-term plan of action for you to keep growing through this time in your life.

Spiritual Guidance Session

These are follow-up, 60-minute sessions where we continue to work on helping you learn, apply, and integrate the tools that will guide you through this transformational time in your life. We start these sessions after you already have a foundation and an understanding of how our work together will progress.

* Before registering for one of our programs or scheduling a session be sure to review and accept our Terms of Service. Tending the Fires LLC is an educational organization. None of the information present is to be taken as anything other than educational teachings, it is not, nor does it claim to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment.  If you register for a program with us you assume full responsibility for your use of any of the teachings, concepts, or practices. Tending the Fires reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any member or person at any time, for conduct deemed disrespectful, destructive, or threatening to community members, facilitators, or instructors.


"Something must be sacrificed for something else to grow. It will either be your comfort or your life's purpose. When you honor yourself by choosing your soul's unique path, you awaken to a world you never knew existed. This is the path of the spiritual warrior."


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