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Recapitulation Groups are 8-week

series that focus on healing the unconscious patterns that cause suffering and stagnation in your

life. Each series focuses on a

different area of your life.


"Part Breathwork...
Part Shadow work... 
Part Soul-Retrieval...
Recapitulation will transform your life."


The ancient toltecs, artists of life, understood that throughout our lives we go through experiences that trap parts of our awareness in repetitive patterns of belief and behavior that keep us reliving painful and frustrating experiences. Limiting our growth and stifling our capacity to embody the lives we are meant to live. These sessions go beyond meditation, into a technology for reclaiming parts of you that have been trapped in traumatic or painful experiences. Recapitulation will teach you how to regain your ability to be an active creator of your life experience by healing old wounds that keep you bound in cycles of limitation, fear, and suffering. Each session will focus on giving you the tools to heal wounded parts of yourself and reclaim the trapped energy that limits your personal growth and evolution. It will help you develop into unimaginable realms of creativity, joy, and abundance.

About Recapitulation

  • When: Wednesdays 
  • Time: 6PM MST
  • Where: Zoom
  • Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours/session
  • Cost: 800 USD for 8-week Series
PREREQUISITES: Recapitulation Intro Class
In order to enroll in our Recapitulation Sessions, you will have to complete the 1 hour online Recapitulation Intro Class. This mini-course will give you an overview of what Recapitulation is and why we do it. This way you will be prepared to jump into the weekly group ready to do the work, so that we won't deviate any time explaining the basics to new members and we can collectively dive in. The primer is a separate course that you will complete on your own time.

Included for Free with Group Registration

*We will send you the link to your video once we have processed your payment.


STARTS 08.25.21


WEEK 1: Friends

We are going to start this series out by looking at the people that have supported you throughout your life. These are those that have shown up for you in times when you needed someone. Recapitulation naturally takes us to overlooked memories, experiences, even relationships. Starting here you will begin to get a sense for all the ways you have been supported in your life, even by the most unexpected allies.

August 25, 2021


WEEK 2: Teachers

Many of the people that have taught you and helped you grow did not show up into your life in the guise or role of teachers. Though in some cases, they did. As you recapitulate those that have been your teachers you will be able to more fully integrate the ways these people have impacted your life. Gaining through the recapitulation a deeper insight into how their guidance and support is still with you.

September 1, 2021


WEEK 3: Those We've Loved

This week we start to dive into a more free-associative aspect of recapitulation. Through this you are going to find yourself reviewing relationships with people that you have loved throughout your life. This is not romantic love, actually, it is focused on love in a more wide-reaching, expansive understanding of love. These are the people that you have a genuine appreciation for independent of romantic attachment.

September 8, 2021


WEEK 4: Those We've Lost

Losing a person is a manner of speaking. We have all experienced the sudden physical absence of someone that was an important part of our lives. With this physical absence, we can fall into the cultural trap of forgetting who that person was or what that person left behind in our emotional/energetic bodies. In this session we will reconnect to the inner landscape where what is unresolved can be healed and released.

September 15, 2021


WEEK 5: Initiators and Adversaries

There are people in our lives that have been the sources of extreme challenge and, in some cases, sources of sorrow, anger, and pain. This session we will get into recapitulating the parts of ourselves that are still stuck in the experiences with those that caused us pain in these ways. This is a process of reclaiming your sovereignty and your strength by releasing the part of you that continues to experience the painful past.

September 22, 2021


WEEK 6: Lovers

The most powerful, creative type of energy that exists in you is your sexual energy. In this session, we will recapitulate those that we have had sexual and romantic (not always the same thing...) experiences with. Reclaiming this energy from the past, and from those that it may still be linked to, is an incredibly powerful, transformative practice. This session could, and probably will be, a series all on its own.

September 29, 2021


WEEK 7: Parents and Siblings

The most challenging relationships in people's lives can often be their relationships to those closest to them, to their families. In this session we will recapitulate our relationships with our parents and siblings. This session will help you begin to see the ways that the beliefs, behaviors, and unconscious patterns of those closest to you during childhood still impact your life.

October 6, 2021


WEEK 8: Who We've Been

For this last session, we will dive into recapitulating our past identities. We will dive into the image that remains in the present of who we were in the past, in order to free ourselves from any emotional and energetic entanglements that keep us bound to old beliefs, behaviors, and emotional patterns. This frees you to be who you are now, and fully embrace who you are becoming.

October 13, 2021



"I carry a deep reverence with me every day now. I acknowledge how grateful I am to live, to have what I have, and the temporariness of it all. I know that my gratitude walks with my grief and I act accordingly. I don't hold back my emotion when it flows and I move energy through my body continuously with breathing and writing. I make sure to take a moment to respond and not react. I put myself first in many situations and know my boundaries and limits."


"I have been supported by Oscar and these teachings multidimensionally in places In time, outside of time, in dream time, to reclaim shadow parts of myself, to develop greater levels of sensitivity and clarity of the energetic layers of reality and their very real impact on all aspects of life; I have learned to see life and myself in new ways, i have grown in energetic sovereignty and have developed higher levels of deep knowing  and empowerment of how to take responsibility in my own healing and co-creating my life with the great and beautiful mystery.”  



Spaces are limited for this group. In my experience, this allows us to develop a safe, supportive container for each of you in the group. This group is confidential, meaning that nothing that is shared in this group is to be shared outside of the group. That goes for any personal information shared by any of the participants or by me stays in the container of the group. Maintaining the integrity of the container is a shared responsibility by all of the participants.

As a side note, I have found that doing this type of deep, intensive work requires time to process and to integrate. Often, members of our communities don't have an understanding of the transformative power of these experiences. When we share what we've experienced prematurely they can tend to be dismissive or outright critical of our experience. With this, or any other ritual/ceremony experience, it is important to "let it cook." Give the things you learn in our sessions time to integrate in you before deciding to share with others. Otherwise, the alchemical vessel is broken and the work doesn't complete itself.

To register please fill out the contact form below. I'd like to get to know more about you so I can better serve you and the group. Please let me know why you are interested in doing this type of work and if you've done anything like this in the past? Also, I'd love to hear if you have any current spiritual practice that supports your growth and healing. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Oscar 


2400 USD/Series

Once you have submitted your contact form we will send you an invoice for payment. Payment plans are available. Once we have processed your payment, you will be admitted and we'll send you further details on the Zoom group meetings and times.


*I will offer two partial scholarships for this program. If you are interested in receiving a partial scholarship, please include that in your Contact Email and we'll send you a separate scholarship application. 


Oscar C. Pérez has spent his life studying different spiritual traditions and schools of psychology. For the last sixteen years, he has helped countless people through the darkest times of their lives. Oscar is guided by a deep understanding that we are all unique manifestations of the same essence, what in the Toltec tradition is called Centeotl, Tloque Nahuaque, Ipalnemohuani. His own apprenticeship with grief and gratitude has guided him to share the ceremonial teachings he has received to help others develop a tangible relationship with Life, with the Great Mystery. He has studied in both academic and ceremonial settings. His approach bridges these two perspectives. He received his PhD from Brown University in 2011, where he studied how storytelling and ritual transform the lives of individuals and communities.


If you have any questions contact us at

No single aspect of who you are is isolated from other aspects of you. As you recapitulate one area of your life it will provide healing and insights for all areas of your life. This process is about you reclaiming the totality and sacredness of who you are.

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