A Bi-Weekly Group to retrain your mind, reclaim your power, and free yourself from the unconscious patterns that destroy your life.

"Part Breathwork...

Part Meditation... 

Part Soul-Retrieval...

Recapitulation will transform your life."

The ancient toltecs, artists of life, understood that throughout our lives we go through experiences that trap parts of our awareness in repetitive patterns of belief and behavior that keep us reliving painful and frustrating experiences. Limiting our growth and stifling our capacity to embody the lives we are meant to live. These sessions go beyond meditation, into a technology for reclaiming parts of you that have been trapped in traumatic or painful experiences. Recapitulation will teach you how to regain your ability to be an active creator of your life experience by healing old wounds that keep you bound in cycles of limitation, fear, and suffering. Each session will focus on giving you the tools to heal wounded parts of yourself and reclaim the trapped energy that limits your personal growth and evolution. It will help you develop into unimaginable realms of creativity, joy, and abundance.

About Recapitulation

  • When: Sessions are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month 
  • Time: 7PM PST
  • Where: Zoom
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: 25 USD/session
PREREQUISITES: Recapitulation Primer
In order to enroll in our Recapitulation Sessions, you will have to complete the 1 hour online Recapitulation Primer. This mini-course will give you an overview of what Recapitulation is and why we do it. This way you will be prepared to jump into the weekly group ready to do the work, so that we won't deviate any time explaining the basics to new members and we can collectively dive in. The primer is a separate course that you will complete on your own time. The cost for the primer plus your first group session is 75 USD. 



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